Bureau of Programming

The Bureau of Programming

The Bureau of Programming is a virtual truck stop—a dirty, brash place where like-minded individuals can gather to discuss everything from the relevant to the irreverent.

If life is a highway, it can be a pretty lonely and boring one, especially if you’re a real truck driver logging miles hour after hour. The same is true of programming. Programmers like myself spend many their working hours doing mundane, well-paid clerical tasks. But this gives us the luxury of having the time to think and imagine new possibilities, just like on an open road.

Real truck stops feature items of convenience and utility: washrooms, showers, diners, etc. The Bureau will too. We’ll publish thoughtful pieces on programming. But we’ll also explore and specialize in more tangential subjects—economics, philosophy, current events. A diner doesn’t just serve sustenance but also a moment’s respite from the journey that lies ahead. It comes in the form of a thoughtful moment and good conversation.

Our guiding philosophy is to maintain a genuine voice. We want to present things just as they are (i.e., WYSIWYG). Sample: We don’t care about venture capital or food delivery start-ups or smartphone rumors.

If you’ve been looking for a programmer blog that’s taken an off-ramp, driven on well past sunset, and doesn’t have a particular destination in mind, you’ve come to the right place. Welcome to the Bureau of Programming.

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