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“I Could Try Expressing Myself Outside”

“Log Off!” is a comic by Joey Alison Sayers.


Remembering the iPod Hi-Fi

Looking back, it’s been a decade since Apple last produced a home stereo: the iPod Hi-Fi (2006). While most critics were satisfied, if not gushing in their praise (see iLounge’s review), Apple discontinued the speaker 18 months after launch. But judging by product designer Andrew Kim’s photos, the Hi-Fi still looks good all these years later. Working units sell for about $125 on eBay.


Rust by Example

Rust by Example is a great resource for learning Rust. It has a built-in problem sets, and the chapters build up nicely, so you don’t need to understand heavy concepts like lifetimes to start.


“Apple’s New Campus Sucks”

Adam Rogers, writing for Wired, on Apple’s new Cupertino campus:

You can’t understand a building without looking at what’s around it—its site, as the architects say. From that angle, Apple’s new HQ is a retrograde, literally inward-looking building with contempt for the city where it lives and cities in general.

The title is clickbait, but it’s impressive to see Wired publish an article contrary to the prevailing unrestrained glorification of Apple’s new headquarters.


Can Small Towns Survive Post-Retail?

Rachel Abrams and Robert Gebeloff, reporting for the New York Times, on Johnstown, PA facing an economic era after manufacturing and retail:

But fewer people can afford his products now that the good jobs are long gone, and Mr. Apryle has had to make adjustments.

A cash-for-gold sign hangs in the window. He started selling knickknacks on eBay. Eventually, he stopped wearing a tie.

“I might as well be comfortable,” Mr. Apryle, 46, said, gesturing to his wrinkled T-shirt and tennis shoes. “There’s no one here to impress.”

While local retailers were never going to prevent the decline of small towns, they surely helped stem the economic bleeding. Even in a soon-to-be era of telework, most of these towns seem doomed to die in our generation. The few that will survive will be sufficiently niche—think Marfa, TX or Oxford, MS—to continue to lure tourists, creatives, and the wealthy who bring in outside money.


La Muralla Roja

Jeanette Hägglund photographs architect Ricardo Bofill’s The Red Wall, an apartment complex built in 1973 on Spain’s southeast coast. The building’s distinctive geometry and color may have inspired the designers of the smartphone game Monument Valley.